Unemployment Tax Mitigation

Unemployment Tax Mitigation

Is your management team frustrated by unfavorable outcomes to disputed unemployment insurance claims?


Unemployment Tax Mitigation (UTM™) is a full service provider offering complete unemployment insurance account management for your business.

UTM recommended sound strategic solutions to reduce and control our company’s UI tax contribution rate. Putting UTM’s expertise to work for us has proven invaluable to our bottom line.
— Worcester manufacturing executive

Increasing UI tax contribution rates create an unexpected
drain on your bottom line.

Confusing and cumbersome state documents
deplete valuable staff time.

Over 35 years of state unemployment insurance agency expertise sets UTM™ apart in the field of Massachusetts unemployment insurance law. UTM™ offers your business real cost saving solutions. Don't let your hard earned dollars go to waste. Put UTM's solutions to work for you today!

Unemployment insurance benefit costs are on the rise. These costs are passed on to your business through higher contribution rates. Employer tax liabilities can level crippling financial burdens onto Massachusetts businesses. Don't let your liability be driven up by erroneous claims. Driven by our focus on your bottom line, UTM's comprehensive strategic plan is designed to help its clients eliminate improper claims and reduce burdensome tax liability.
Your business dedicates vast financial and personnel resources into the hiring and training of your valued employees. Stabilizing your workforce while reducing unwarranted UI claims that cause excessive financial burden to your business is our mission.

We are here for you.


Contact UTM™ today to arrange a no cost analysis of your unemployment insurance account.